Student Council

Message from Head Girl

Being appointed as the HEAD GIRL of this prestigious college is a matter of great pride and honor. I see this role as one of great responsibility and commit that I will work to my full potential to keep up the honor of the responsibility bestowed upon me. Further, I look upon this position of an opportunity to encourage fellow Pioneers towards greater involvement is extra-curricular activities and motivate them use the platform and exposure that P.M.I.C. provides.
I look forward to hear student’s views lend them both an ears and shoulders in order to fulfill my responsibility as a true leader. I definitely won’t be exaggerating when I say that this school has given me the best foundation for my future.
P.M.I.C. has played a major role in molding me into who I am today. We here at P.M.I.C realize that everyone has his or her own individual talent and strive to help discover our passion and unlock our true potential whist ensuring full support from staff and peers.

Academic success is an important but creativity, physical, aptitude, values, manners, and inter personal skills are all vital parts of teaching here. faculty members have excellent academic credential & have been conferred with many prestigious awards at national & international levels. Our college looks forward to contribute in solving the technological, environmental & social challenges of the society with active participations my main target this year shall be ensuring a better alignment of student’s behavior & conduct with the administrations, expectations which is turn is bound to give positive results. At the end, I would like to thanks respected manager Sir, Principal ma’am & all the teachers for making & considering me capable enough to be holding such a position.

Head Girl 2019-20
Mansi Sharma

Message from Head Boy

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea; time has come”, P.M.S has always helped its students to transform their idea into reality.
I am extremely grateful to the P.M.S fraternity for having faith in me and appointing me as the Head Boy for the session 2019-20.
A decade ago, I came to this school as a student who was introvert and reserved but today, I stand as an assertive and open-minded person.
My school has given me so much exposure that it has played a dominant role in changing persona.
Really, I have learned a lot. Here I have got the mind set for lifelong learning.

For me, esteem towards the teacher is paramount and it’s my intention to let some value flourish in the students. I would also like the students to develop these virtues of i

  1. Never jeopardizing one’s stand
  2. Never underestimating the weak
  3. Never chasing appreciation and
  4. Being down to earth.

At P.M.S., I have undoubtedly equipped myself with many new skills which will help me for the rest of my life. For this, I thank all my teachers for their support, love faith and guidance. My gratitude towards this school is ineffable in words. To all my juniors and fellow peers, I would like to conclude by saying that- “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”
Be proud of being a part of “Pioneer” JAI HING!!!!

Head Boy 2019-20
Yash Mishra